Impersonating the mob. Daring. Deceptive. Deadly.

An undercover federal agency, CIU, posing as a mob group, fights the real mafia of Tampa Bay, Florida. As the men of CIU bring down the monsters of their city, the women they meet bring them to their knees. These men vowed to honor their federal code but sometimes becoming a criminal is the only way to fight one.

Book 1 – Deadly Scandals

To help a friend of her father’s, a young author goes undercover to aide a man fleeing a murderous cartel. As the ruse of their fake romance becomes a reality, true love could cost them everything.

Book 2 – Deadly Deceptions

When a feisty widow is kidnapped by a vicious crime lord, the undercover federal agent assigned to protect her and investigate her role in a syndicate murder becomes personally involved and worries he’ll have to turn to the wrong side to save her.

Book 3 – Deadly Consequences

After the beautiful heiress of an Italian mob boss becomes pregnant by a non-Italian man, a hit is called on her. The father of her baby, an undercover Sicilian posing as the Mafioso, believes their love can conquer all. Is he being careless with their lives or can they overcome their impossible odds?